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Star Wars | Saga 2008 Toys

Ref # Image Name Character Series Price Items Left Buy it Now
1182Star Wars - Saga 2008 - Commander Gree [Revenge of the Sith] #03 - Opened boxCommander GreeSaga 2008 Sale: $51Add to Cart
1181Star Wars - Saga 2008 - Imperial EVO Trooper [Star Wars: Force Unleashed] #09 - Opened BoxImperial EVO TrooperSaga 2008 Sale: $51Add to Cart
1183Star Wars - Saga 2008 - Battle-Damaged Darth Vader [Star Wars: Force Unleashed] #12 - Opened BoxDarth VaderSaga 2008 Sale: $51Add to Cart
1184Star Wars - Saga 2008 - Emperor's Shadow Guard [Star Wars: Force Unleashed] #14 - Opened BoxEmperor
Shadow Guard
Saga 2008 Sale: $51Add to Cart
1255Star Wars - Saga Legends - Fan's Choice - Clone Trooper Officer [Yellow] (with Exclusive Collector Coin!)Exclusive
Clone Trooper
Clone Trooper Officer
Saga 2008 Sale: $201Add to Cart
702Star Wars - Saga 2008 - Aayla Secura's Jedi Starfighter - Target Exclusive - VehicleExclusive
Aayla Secura
Saga 2008  Sold OutSold Out 
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